How To Connect to E-RM Multiclock

You can use the power of the E-RM multiclock, a professional multi-format synchronisation hub to sync all your analogue gear to music production software and the Soundbrenner Pulse smart vibrating metronome via The Metronome by Soundbrenner iOS app.

The multiclock seamlessly provides different clock signals for electronic instruments like drum machines, analogue synthesizers or effects via MIDI, Din Sync, LFO or Analogue Clock.

With the ability to connect the multiclock to The Metronome by Soundbrenner, we created a reliable bridge for electronic music gear lovers and musicians playing classical instruments to perform on the same track. When connecting a Soundbrenner Pulse smart vibrating metronome to the app, it is easy for analogue musicians stay in perfect sync with the digital world.

How to enable multiclock support:

Step 1. Connect the Audio In of the multiclock via the headphone jack of the phone using an 1/8'' jack to 1/4''jack cable. 

Step 2. S
et the multiclock Audio Threshold to a value of 00 in the multiclock's CONF->Setup menu and select Audio In as the sync source.

Step 3.
Go to App Settings 

Step 4. Long-press Sounds menu item for 4 seconds. 

Step 5. You will receive a warning message, please read and select OK. 

Step 6. Select maximum volume on your phone and start playing!

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