How To Switch Songs in Setlists Using The Soundbrenner Pulse

You can change the songs inside of a setlist directly from the Soundbrenner Pulse. This feature is useful when you don't want to use the app to skip to the next or previous song during practice or live performance. 

1. Load a setlsist to your metronome. 

2. To skip to the next song, turn the BPM Wheel of the Soundbrenner Pulse:

  • Right 
  • Left 
  • Right

Once the next song is selected, you will see the green light and feel a short vibration. 

3. To skip to the previous song, turn the BPM wheel of the Soundbrenner Pulse: 

  • Left 
  • Right 
  • Left 

Once the previous song is selected, you will see the yellow light and feel a short vibration. 




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