How to better feel the vibrations better with the Pulse?

We are using a giant vibration motor 700% stronger than that of an average smartphone. Here are tips that help you to utilize it's full potential.

1. Change the vibration settings in our app

You can assign different vibrations to each accent marker. Simply go to "Settings" -> "Soundbrenner Pulse" -> "Vibrations". You will notice that the more powerful vibrations have a slightly longer duration and that the weaker vibrations feel more distinct. Experiment to find out which one works best for you.

2. Try out different body positions

Factors that influence a person’s perception of vibration strength can vary based on one’s: anatomy, instrument of choice or simply - personal preference. Be sure that you have worn and tested the Soundbrenner Pulse on the recommended body positions (as seen in the starter guide) in order to determine which configuration suits you best.

3. Make sure the Soundbrenner Pulse is strapped tightly

The stronger the Soundbrenner Pulse gets pressed onto your skin, the better you can feel the vibration. So always try to wear it as tight as possible while still maintaining a good comfort level for yourself.

4. Try the Body Strap! 

The Body Strap is designed to be worn on a central location that doesn't move while playing music. You can feel the vibrations right at your core! This item is perfect for drummers and musicians who would like to feel the vibrations stronger. It is designed to be worn on the chest, back, shoulder or thigh. 
You can find more information about the Body Strap and order it from the link below:

5. Give it time

Just like players who never played with a click need some time to get used to it and reap its benefits, the same also applies for the Soundbrenner Pulse. The Soundbrenner Pulse will help you improve your rhythm and reach a new level of excellence. It is, however, a tool and like all tools, it requires proper use and hard work to be effective. Keep this in mind as you learn to pick up the beat by simply feeling it. It truly can change the way you make music!

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