How To Fix Problems With The Touch Surface

Here are a few helpful tips if you're having trouble with the touch surface on your Soundbrenner Pulse.

First, make sure you're wearing the device - not just holding it in your hands. Our touch sensor is designed to work best when it's in contact with your skin.

Second, be sure to use two fingers when you tap, and to place them flat on the surface. Don't use just your fingertips.

If you find it difficult to start or stop the metronome or tap in the BPM, try tapping more quickly. The Soundbrenner Pulse distinguishes between a short tap and a long press.

Finally, if you're still having trouble, you can try to recalibrate the touch sensor by resetting the Soundbrenner Pulse. To do this, hold the device around the edge - make sure you don't touch the surface - and place it on the charging pins in reverse.

If you've done it correctly, the device will quickly flash red and restart - you can then put it back on and try again.


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