How to use multi-player sync with the Pulse?

You can sync the metronome of multiple Pulse, multiple Core or a mix of both wearables. To do that, you simply need to connect all wearables to the same mobile device. You can sync up to a total of five wearables in this manner via Bluetooth, allowing you and other musicians to feel the beat together.

When you set up a rhythm on any of the connected Pulse, Core or The Metronome app, it will automatically sync to all other wearables. 

Settings such as LED lights and vibrations are saved on each wearable separately. When you sync multiple wearables to your mobile device, all the devices will keep their original settings.

How to pair a Core to a different mobile device for multi-player sync

Please see our article here: 

Core multi-player sync guide

How to connect a Pulse to a different mobile device for multi-player sync

First, make sure the Pulse is not currently connected to any mobile device. If you're not sure, you can simply power off the Pulse and power it back up. This should disconnect any prior connections.

Once the Pulse is ready to connect, open the Soundbrenner app on the mobile device you want to use to sync the wearables. Inside the app navigate to: "Settings" → "Add a Soundbrenner wearable" → now select a Soundbrenner wearable you want to sync.

Video to see it in action:

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