How To Use Ableton Link to Connect Our App to Ableton Live




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    Beau Jones

    Is it possible to connect without being connected to wifi. Say like, when Im playing a gig?

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    I bought soundbrenner pulse maybe a year and a half ago. It is impossible to get a usable sync with this with ableton live - through link or bluetooth app - ios app has a lag to link and then pulse have a lag to ios app. It has a delay and changes time as you move your hand and is overall useless to keep time. I spent hours trying to use it as a metronome with my daw, with no luck (yes I tried track delay also) .  Also just using it with an app just as a metronome - it changes time slightly - again i think it is how you move your hand against the phone that it is connected to (in my case iphone 6). A metronome that doesn't keep time. I was really trying to find use for the metronome in any way but it just doesnt work as it is supposed to. Maybe someone from soundbrenner can help me?

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