How To Use The Soundbrenner Pulse With Other Music Apps (Via Ableton Link)

Now you can sync our metronome app to other Ableton Link compatible apps in iOS. 
This allows you to use the Soundbrenner Pulse with your favorite music making apps!

Here’s how:

Connect your Soundbrenner Pulse inside The Metronome app by Soundbrenner

Go to App Settings -> Ableton Link and turn it on

Now leave the Soundbrenner app and go to your favorite app that supports Ableton Link.
You can find the full list of Ableton Link compatible apps here. Turn on Ableton Link too and a link between two apps should automatically be established. 

Now the tempo of the Soundbrenner Pulse will match the tempo set up in the 3rd party app! You can even tap the beat on the Soundbrenner Pulse or use the wheel to modify the tempo of the other app! 
This offers limitless new opportunities, for example:

Medly is a cool app that allows you to compose music.

If you combine Medly with the Soundbrenner Pulse, you can easily change the tempo of the song with the wheel and accelerate or decelerate while composing. 

There are many other apps that offer great integrations with Ableton Link that make great companions to the Soundbrenner Pulse. Have fun exploring!


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