How to use the Soundbrenner Pulse Body Strap

The Soundbrenner Pulse features vibrations 7 times stronger than those of an average smartphone. While wearing the Pulse on your wrist works for most people, some prefer to wear it on their chest, ankle or shoulder. This is especially true for drummers, since this makes it easier for them to feel the beat.

You can purchase the Body Strap from our store as an add-on accessory. 




The Body Strap comes with two parts - the short band (attached to a rig) which is slightly larger than the regular wrist strap and lets you wear the Pulse on your shoulder, thigh etc., and an extension band that allows you to wear it around larger areas such as your chest. Start by first taking both parts of the Body Strap out of the box, if you haven’t already.


To use the short band only, insert the unattached end through the slit on the Body Strap rig, with the velcro side facing outwards, like so: 


Next, remove your Pulse from the main rig if you haven’t already and attach it to the Body Strap rig.


You can now wear the Pulse on your arm, shoulder, thigh, and ankle, using the Velco strap to adjust the length of the Body Strap.20211029_162137.jpg

To use the extension band, revert the Body Strap to its default configuration with 1 end unattached. Then, insert the extension into the opening on the rig, again with the velcro side facing outwards.



You can then attach both ends using the velcro stickers. To readjust the length of the body strap at any time, simply undo the velcro and adjust to your liking. Now, you can wear the Pulse on your chest. 


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