How to enable smartphone notifications, when your Core was set up with another Soundbrenner account?


When you set up your Core and unlocked it via our mobile app, the Soundbrenner account you used was saved to the device.

Smartphone notifications are only enabled if your Core is connected to a mobile device that is logged into the Soundbrenner account that was used during the initial setup.

This is a safety measure, to prevent that during multi-player synchronisation private notifications are sent to all connected Cores.

If you go to your Core's settings in the Soundbrenner app, and the Core was set up with a different Soundbrenner account, you'll see a purple banner on top like in the screenshot at the beginning of this article.

Allow an additional mobile device:

If you want to allow an additional mobile device to receive notifications, all you have to do is log into the same Soundbrenner account via the Soundbrenner app that was used during the initial setup.

Allow a different user account:

If you want to change the user account that is allowed to receive notifications, you need to factory reset your Core and unlock it with the user account you want to use. If you don't know how to factory reset your Core, check out this article: How to factory reset the Core?

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