With Android: how to sync Soundbrenner Pulse & Core to DAWs

In order to synchronize your Soundbrenner wearable with your DAW, you will first need to ensure that your Android device and app are properly configured. You can do this via MIDI using a USB cable, Bluetooth or WiFi. We made all options available, but the only option that is officially recommended by us and works most reliable is via USB cable.

Step 1:

Connect your Android phone to your computer via USB cable.

Step 2:

 Set the USB configuration to MIDI.


In some cases, the USB settings will be grayed out. If this happens, navigate to Developer Options and tap on the setting called “Default USB Configuration”. You can then select MIDI from here. Make sure to revert to the previous configuration later if you want to transfer images or files to your device.



Step 3:

Open the Soundbrenner App. Tap on App Settings -> MIDI and make sure MIDI is enabled. Next, set MIDI Clock to Send and Receive. You should now be able to see “Android USB Peripheral Port” listed as both the Input and Output device. 



If you want to control your Soundbrenner wearables with your DAW:

Open the Soundbrenner app and tap App Settings -> MIDI. Tap “Android USB Peripheral Port” under “Input MIDI Devices”. The player will then display EXT Sync status.


If you want to control your DAW with your Soundbrenner wearables (note: many DAWS do not support this):

Open the Soundbrenner app and tap App Settings -> MIDI. Tap “Android USB Peripheral Port” under “Output MIDI Devices”. 



Your device is now ready to be synchronized with your DAW.

For instructions on how to add your Soundbrenner wearables to your specific DAW, please select your DAW from the list below and click on the appropriate setup guide.

ableton_black.png Ableton Live (via MIDI)

ableton_black.png Ableton Live (via Ableton Link)

cakewalk.png Cakewalk

Cubase.png Cubase

flstudio.png FL Studio

Logic_Pro.png Logic Pro

Avid_Pro_Tools.png Pro Tools

Reaper.png Reaper 

studio_one.png Studio One

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