Logic Pro: how to sync Soundbrenner Pulse & Core to DAWs

This article is specifically about how to pair our mobile app (and Soundbrenner wearables) to  Logic. You can accomplish this via a USB cable.

What works: Controlling the tempo of your Soundbrenner app and wearables via Logic.

What doesn’t work: Controlling the tempo of Logic via your Soundbrenner app and wearables. Subdivision information also cannot be sent due to a limitation of MIDI clock.


Using Logic to control your Soundbrenner wearable: 

Step 1:

1.  Launch Logic Pro and go to Preferences -> MIDI.


2. Go to the Sync tab and click MIDI Sync Project Settings


3. Select your phone's port under the Destination 1 submenu. 


Now, you can control the tempo of your Soundbrenner wearable, as well as start and stop the metronome, directly from Logic Pro.

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