Pulse body strap manual

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How to use it

Adjust once


Once adjusted, you can take it on and off with the convenient hook-and-loop fastener


Frequently asked questions:

What's the point of the Pulse body strap?
It was designed to help musicians feel the beat better. When felt in the right position, vibrations of the Pulse can feel even stronger and more distinct. 

Where can I wear the Pulse body strap?
You can wear it around your chest, shoulder, or thigh and underneath or above your clothes.

What's the material of the Pulse body strap?
It's made from athletic webbing, allowing you to wear it comfortably underneath or above your clothes. It can be worn easily and doesn't move when you are performing. 

How can a child wear the Pulse body strap?
Use the buckles to shorten the strap and then wrap it twice. When used in the shortest setting and wrapped twice, the length of the strap shortens to 320 mm, making it suitable for children.

How can I make the Pulse body strap longer?
Use the buckles to lengthen the strap. The unstretched length of the strap will be 1010 mm and can add up even more when you are stretching the material. This versatility allows it to also be worn by people of larger size.

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