General known issues with DAW sync

Support for DAW connectivity is currently in beta, and although we are making it a priority to improve connection stability and performance, we are not able to guarantee that all possible combinations of operating systems and DAWs work reliably.

Therefore, we are providing a list of known issues with various DAWs below, along with solutions where possible. We will continue updating it on a regular basis. If you encounter an issue with your DAW that is not listed here, please feel free to let us know by sending an email to

(Note: if you are having latency issues, please click here. This article is for specific DAW issues only). 

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ableton_black.png Ableton Live (via Ableton Link)
  • Count-in is disabled when Soundbrenner wearables are paired to DAW. This has to do with the way Ableton handles external devices and is not something we can fix.
cakewalk.png Cakewalk
  • DAW sync does not work unless "Use Start, Never Continue" is selected under MIDI project settings. Keep this enabled at all times to avoid playback issues.
Cubase.png Cubase
  • Play/pause signal sometimes missed.
Logic_Pro.png Logic Pro
  • Sometimes the first 4 beats will be on time and then after that it speeds up and syncopates (iOS).
  • In some cases the input/output MIDI will not show unless WiFi is on. Make sure you are connected to the internet to fix this.
Avid_Pro_Tools.png Pro Tools
  • The app and Core will occasionally continue playing even if you press pause on Pro Tools. You can stop this by double tapping on the Core's watch face.
  • Sometimes the BPM on the Core will be double or quadruple the BPM in Pro Tools. Set the subdivision to ½ notes in Pro Tools to fix this.
  • If you are in the Soundbrenner app’s MIDI settings then press play in Pro Tools, the Core will start. But if you tap on the metronome section in the app, the app crashes and the Core disconnects. The metronome on the Core itself continues to vibrate but it is no longer synced with Pro Tools (Android).
Reaper.png Reaper
  • Tempo on the Core is sometimes 2-3 BPM behind/ahead of the BPM in Reaper. This cannot be fixed by pausing and playing again. To fix it, restart Reaper. 
  • Sometimes the Core is enabled but will not play when Reaper plays. It takes 2-3 tries for it to start properly.
  • After renaming the Core in Reaper, you cannot select "forget this device" as it will be grayed out. Restart your computer to fix this.
  • If connection is lost, when you re-establish the connection, the wearable will start vibrating but you cannot pause it via the DAW. You have to manually stop it by double tapping. This can be fixed by restarting Reaper.
studio_one.png Studio One
  • Play/pause signal sometimes missed.
  • The tempo is sometimes 10-20bpm faster/slower on the Core than in the DAW. Setting the DAW to a different bpm and then changing it back should cause the Core to sync up properly and fix this.
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